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    Our Valentine's Day Gift Guide

    I love flowers and chocolate as much as the next girl but why buy do you always have to buy something with an expiration date? If you're shopping for your significant other, your bestie or your family this February 14th, our Valentine's Day Gift Guide will help you pick out the perfect gift to show them just how much you appreciate all their love!

    7. Sex Dust, $30


    Happy holidays, Beaches! I'm not sure how we're a week away from the new year but here we are. 2016 it's been real but it's time for us to move on...

    Some may argue that making a 'new year's resolution' is at the top of the list of the most cliché things you could do. They're not wrong but does that truly matter? The key to making a good new year's resolution is making it realistic for yourself. I cannot tell you how many times I've decided I'm going to have a Victoria's Secret bod by the end of the year and then was so angry at myself when I didn't achieve that goal. Having a killer bod in a single year is definitely an attainable goal for some very hard working people but realistically I have WAY too much on my plate (pun intended) for me to achieve such a goal. And honestly, I like pasta too much to give it up. See how committed I was? Now I'm not saying you shouldn't push yourself a little bit and get out of your comfort zone when making your resolution but do not decide to do something completely unattainable. For example: if you've never ridden a horse before don't make your resolution that you'll be in Tokyo representing the USA in the 2020 Olympics. Maybe decide that you'll take a lesson every week for a few months and then compete in a local show. Totally doable and still challenging enough that you feel like you've accomplished something. As for me...I'm shooting for a six pack. Maybe a three pack, we'll see how far I get. In general making, a new year's resolution about your personal fitness can be tricky. Some people say okay this is the year I change my lifestyle and then they join a gym, knowing they despise the gym, and then they stop going after a week and are stuck paying for something they always kind of knew wouldn't work. If you hate gyms but want to start working out more DO NOT JOIN A GYM. Take some classes for now and figure out what kind of workout you enjoy! I hear from so many people that they hate going to the gym blah blah blah and they never go so they're unhappy that they're not exercising. Yoga, kickboxing, cycling, Zumba, krav maga, rock climbing, pilates, dance, rollerblading, rowing...that's only a small list of physical activities that I can think of off the top of my head. There are ENDLESS possibilities when it comes to finding a gym alternative! Yes, sometimes those classes are expensive. Did you know Netflix offers hundreds of workout videos? You could Netflix and chill or Netflix and kick some ass. Or both! Why do you have to choose? Your resolution does not have to involve fitness either. Maybe you just want to read more, or maybe you want to change your look a bit. If you're looking to spice up your look a bit you KNOW we got you! I mean here's a shameless plug but have you seen our new arrivals??

    What's even more incredible is that some of these beauties are on sale right now. Whether you like our products are not make a new years resolution and stick to it! 

    Have a beautiful new year and stay Beachy xo

    Calling All Burning Man Beaches

    Beachy Burners, it's time. Burning Man is just a few days away and believe me when I tell you, you do NOT want to go to Black Rock City without My Beachy Side! Yes, yes, yes I know we sell barefoot sandals and who wants to be barefoot in the desert? BUT that's not all we sell, ladies. Have you seen our gorgeous anklets, armbands, barefoot sandals, and chokers?? The possibilities are endless...
    One of the many beauties of our products is their versatility! For example, Hopi Sun can be an anklet but it could also be a choker necklace or a pair of armbands! (See above) Venus and Tattoo are as beautiful on your hands as they are on your feet! Hopiness can also be worn as an armband, choker or anklet set! If you're really feeling funky wrap your Hopiness choker around your boots for the perfect desert, bohemian look! I wanted to provide you with some inspiration for your Burning Man looks below! My inspiration came from 3 iconic characters. First the beautiful Penny Lane from Almost Famous. Next, post-apocalyptic Mad Maxx, and finally David Bowie's, Ziggy Stardust. 
    Burning Man

    Burning Man 3
    Burning Man 2

    Stay Beachy, Burners! xo

    California Here We Come

    My Beachy Side is on the move again! This time we're headed west to the Swim Collective Show in Huntington Beach on August 8th & 9th! We're ecstatic to bring our barefoot sandals and new beachwear accessories to the west coast! 

    As much as I want to flood this post with a ton of O.C references I'll just leave you with this instead:

    See you on the best coast, Beachy girls!

    AND if you haven't already checked out our new arrivals you are missing out!


    Stay Beachy xo

    Celebrate the Summer Solstice In Barefoot Sandals

    barefoot sandalsHappy Summer Solstice Beachy girls!! My favorite time of the year is officially here and I could not be more thrilled. During the summer months time slows down and a sense of calm washes over you. Time may slow down but you, our powerful beach goddess do not. Although sitting at your desk and looking outside at the gorgeous day you're missing is sometimes more than distracting, you also know that you have a weekend coming up and there will be plenty of time to soak up some rays. Being able to go to the beach in my barefoot sandals is obviously one of my biggest reasons for loving summer but you might not realize the health and beauty benefits that accompany you on your beach day...
    barefoot sandals
    The Sun:
    1. The tough days are not as bad when the sun is kissing your skin leaving you with that healthy glow. It's a fact that human beings need sunlight. Don't you instantly feel happier when you're vitamin D levels are normal? The sun is nature's antidepressant. In the winter months when sunlight is scarce and the weather is frigid some have been known to get sad or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Basically, you're not feeling yourself when the sun isn't out. 
    2. Say goodbye to expensive highlights! All I need in the summer is the sun, salt water, and a lemon wedge and my natural highlights are out to play! Free highlights and a tan? That's a win, win. An added bonus is you won't be damaging your hair with harsh chemicals! 
    3. The sun will give you a tan. Of course, we all know this. Now while this is a MAJOR beauty benefit for some it also can be a danger. I cannot stress enough how important sunscreen is ladies. "I never wear sunscreen and I don't have skin cancer." I hear this all the time. My motto is better safe than sorry but if you're one of the very very lucky women without skin cancer and not using sunscreen I promise you you're going to be seeing wrinkles much earlier than you'd like to. Sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays, yes that means cancer but it also protects your delicate skin and keeps it looking younger longer! How could you pass up on that? Be smart Beachy girls and take care of your skin! You'll thank yourself later.
    barefoot sandals
    The Water:
    1. This might just be me but the ocean is unbelievably cleansing. I feel like by going in the water I'm cleaning all the toxins from my body whether it's stress or the cocktails from the night before! Floating in the water makes me feel lighter (pun intended) because a weight is lifted off of me and I'm completely at ease. 
    2.  The salt water clears your skin! Why are you using harsh chemicals on your lovely skin when you can take a dip in the ocean?! Blemishes are the absolute worst and getting rid of them can be a pain in the a$$. Salt water is not only free but a miracle cure for your skin! As healing as the salt water is it can also dry out your skin and hair though. Make sure you hydrate with a good moisturizer and a leave in conditioner or oil! My personal favorite is Bumble and Bumble's Hairdresser's Invisible Oil.
    3. If you're bored of your daily workout routine you're going to want to head to the beach! Swimming in the water and walking or running in the sand is a great workout with a beautiful view. It's all about the resistance you feel whether it's the water pushing against your body or your feet sinking into the sand. The beach has just turned into the most beautiful and economical gym ever.
    barefoot sandals
    The Sand
    1. The main beauty benefit of the sand is that it's a natural exfoliant! It will remove dry skin cells leaving your skin soft and smooth! Wiggling your toes in the sand will also give you a mini pedicure! Now I don't literally mean you'll walk away with fresh polish but definitely expect smoother feet! Of course, if you really want your feet to look beautiful you'll put on the hottest summer beachwear accessory. I think you already know it's our barefoot sandals...
    2. As I mentioned before walking in the sand is a great workout! Your legs have to work just a little harder because the sand obviously isn't solid ground. This is the perfect lazy girl workout! 

    barefoot sandals

    Stay Beachy xo