New Arrivals

The ‘end of more’ trend, which swept the world after the pandemic, is embodied in a different way in our R23 collection.With the pandemic, we realized how tired we actually are. We now know that our most valuable asset in this world is time. At the points where we are inspired in the R23 collection, we get rid of everything that bores us in the real world and search for self-reality. What if we all had as little time as a butterfly? The ‘The Butterfly Garden’ collection creates its own parallel universe in nature with these questions and takes us to the colorful world and freedom of a butterfly. In our New arrivals edit, we are featuring new resort wear clothing and accessories. All styles are unique and hand made by our artisans. From top to bottom, bikinis to dresses, bags and accessories. Remember to follow this category to have luxury, iconic and fashionable styles for your next get away!