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    Reimagining the Best of Slim Aarons Style for 2017

    Reimagining the Best of Slim Aarons Style for 2017

    "Another Slim Aarons specialty: capturing outfits that let your naval breathe. You know when you want to engage in poolside banter, heavy on the gesticulation, and you don’t want to do it in the nearly-nude but you still want to feel the breeze on your belly and the wind beneath your wings? That’s what these particular ensembles are good for: covering up without being too covered. A crochet dress will do just the trick, as will a pair of mustard velvet trousers."

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    Industry Insider: Gamze Ates

    Industry Insider: Gamze Ates

    Being a Turkish-American, I wanted to connect with my roots. And I have first-hand experience of what is going in these war-ravaged economies. So, My Beachy Side's aesthetic is its story—heritage-oriented and handcrafted. People appreciate that each design is made with love.

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