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We have been a job provider for local economies and supporting women since its conception in 2015, employing thousands of women in Turkey to hand-crochet the fashion-forward iconic resort wear pieces it has become famous for. Gamze Ates, the founder and CEO brought these values to life in 2015 when she launched My Beachy Side to provide economic opportunity to talented able but unemployed women in her home country of Turkey, where only 30% of women have employment outside the home

Monarch Circle Skirt

Butterfly Garden

R23 collection, we get rid of everything that bores us in the real world and search for self-reality. What if we all had as little time as a butterfly? What if we had the courage to stop being a caterpillar so we could fly and be free? The ‘The Butterfly Garden’ collection creates its own parallel universe in nature with these questions and takes us to the colorful world and freedom of a butterfly.

Butterfly Collection

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