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    Calling All Burning Man Beaches

    Beachy Burners, it's time. Burning Man is just a few days away and believe me when I tell you, you do NOT want to go to Black Rock City without My Beachy Side! Yes, yes, yes I know we sell barefoot sandals and who wants to be barefoot in the desert? BUT that's not all we sell, ladies. Have you seen our gorgeous anklets, armbands, barefoot sandals, and chokers?? The possibilities are endless...
    One of the many beauties of our products is their versatility! For example, Hopi Sun can be an anklet but it could also be a choker necklace or a pair of armbands! (See above) Venus and Tattoo are as beautiful on your hands as they are on your feet! Hopiness can also be worn as an armband, choker or anklet set! If you're really feeling funky wrap your Hopiness choker around your boots for the perfect desert, bohemian look! I wanted to provide you with some inspiration for your Burning Man looks below! My inspiration came from 3 iconic characters. First the beautiful Penny Lane from Almost Famous. Next, post-apocalyptic Mad Maxx, and finally David Bowie's, Ziggy Stardust. 
    Burning Man

    Burning Man 3
    Burning Man 2

    Stay Beachy, Burners! xo

    We Care About Your Hopiness

    Happy hump day beachy girls! We are t-minus two days away from the weekend and I couldn't be happier. Happiness is key in this life and here at My Beachy Side we want nothing more than to bring you happiness (and barefoot sandals). Ladies let me introduce you to...........

    We have Hopi Sun and Hopi Rain but our latest edition to the Hopi family, Hopiness is guaranteed to bring you happiness! See what we did there? We never want you to get bored which is why we are constantly updating our styles and creating new looks and new beachwear accessories for our beachy girls! One of the reasons we're so ecstatic about this particular style is because of its versatility. Of course, you can wear it as an anklet  BUT you can also wear it as a choker necklace or an armband! Hopiness is your one-stop shop for summer jewelry! 

    Hopiness also has a long length designed specifically for your neck and arms! The longer length makes for a more dramatic look that we cannot get enough of. This style is elegant enough to be worn at a gala yet edgy enough to rock at a music festival and how often do you find something like that?

    Bring hopiness wherever you are! We love our Beachy girl army so much so I have to let you in on a little secret...Hopiness isn't the only surprise we have for you this summer...stay tuned!

    Stay Beachy