We celebrate International Women's Day

My Beachy Side is a global brand powered by artisanal women in Southeast
Turkey. Since 2015, our mission is to provide these women, who live in difficult
conditions, with a sustainable job and a secure future. We do this today for
hundreds of talented women living in Diyarbakır, Elazığ, Adana, Kilis, and
We have celebrated International Women’s Day every March, but this year it is
with a heavy heart.  Our community of women are suffering from the
Kahramanmaraş earthquake that happened in February. Our 5 workshops and
hundreds of women are located in the region that was devastated by the
disaster. The impact of the earthquake, and the need to rebuild the lives and
homes and families, makes our experience and our mission that much more
important.  We are leaning in and embracing our work and our women even
tighter.   We are setting up new workshops in the region affected by the
earthquake, working with local NGOs, and standing by our women to help them
with all their needs. 
With the global donation campaign we started, we aim to reach more women
with more workshops and a better-equipped infrastructure in a wider area. Our
goal is to increase the number of our artisans we work with, from 500 to 5,000. 
As women, we know what we can achieve with solidarity and hope. It is in our
nature to organize, to heal with love, and to achieve miracles with faith and
perseverance. Despite the pain we feel today, we will continue to produce so
that our voices will be louder tomorrow and we can spread our message of
On behalf of the My Beachy Side family, we celebrate International Women's
Day with everyone who believes that women and all people, from all walks of
life, have a right to live an equal life, free of discrimination in which they are
valued and celebrated.